Women In Design

Women in Design

Inspirational stories at the intersection of design and technology.


December 9th, 3pm-7:30pm

@ 500Startups

Janice Fraser

Founder of LUXr & founding partner of Adaptive Path

Christina Brodbeck

Founder of The Icebreak & founding designer at YouTube

Kate Aronowitz

Director of Design at Facebook

Liz Danzico

Chair of MFA in Interaction Design at the School of Visual Arts

Nancy Broden

Design Lead of User Growth at Twitter

Angela Shen-Hsieh

Founder of Groupvisual.io & Board Member of AIGA

Elle Luna

Senior Communication Designer at IDEO

Karen Kaushansky

Principal Device Interaction Designer at Jawbone

Sasha Lubomirsky

User Experience Researcher at Airbnb

Jessica Hische

Freelance illustrator, letterer, & designer

Jennifer Lopez

Co-founder of Culture Kitchen SF

Abby Sturges

Co-founder of Culture Kitchen SF

Melissa Miranda

Founder of Tiny Review App

Laura Martini

Designer in Residence at Palo Alto Investors

Angela Benton

CEO of Black Web Media, LLC

Leslie Ziegler

Creative and Curriculum Director at Rock Health

Lauren Miller

Marketing Manager for Anchal Project

Anu Tewary

Founder of Technovation Challenge at Iridescent


An afternoon of fireside-style talks with inspiring female designers from various backgrounds and design fields. Hear their personal and professional stories, including the challenges and opportunities they've come across while navigating the world where design, technology, and entrepreneurship intersect. These aren't typical powerpoint presentations, they're intimate and down-to-earth stories, the kind of stuff you might not come across in blogposts or tweets.


» Meet, connect, and network with some of the most awesome female designers around, in breakouts and Q&A.

» Discover lessons and tips for excelling in emerging fields of design and tech.

» Give back by attending, as ticket proceeds raise money for women in design, technology, and entrepreneurship.


» Tech Challenge


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