What’s on your wrist?

The New York Times recently featured Designer Fund’s perspective in a short video about the growing importance of design, especially for wearables.

Successful wearables of the future will continue to “blend technology, information, fashion and personality,” believes Brett Lovelady who helped create the Fuelband. The Apple Watch appears to have this blend and expands what’s possible with connected devices beyond obvious fitness applications.

New York Times Enrique Allen Molly Woods
New York Time Video Feature: Design Gains Importance as Devices Get More Personal

But we don’t need another screen that distracts us further. We want products that truly enrich our lives. Imagine services that enable us to communicate in more intimate ways, simplify complex tasks, and create new networks of valuable information.

If you know of any awesome wearables or devices in the broader Internet of Things space, email us – [email protected]!


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