Stripe + Bridge

Guest post by Ludwig Pettersson, designer at Stripe

At Stripe, design is a core part of what we build. Whenever we work on a new product, engineers and designers work alongside each other from day one. Products aren’t built by product managers; instead the people creating the product take on this role.

This gives designers at Stripe broad freedom and deep involvement in products and decision-making. You’ll have a major impact on anything we release.

To that end, we’re delighted to be participating in Designer Fund’s Bridge program. Bridge is creating a unique chance to get to know some exciting startups in the Bay Area. We think that three months at Stripe will teach participants how we create, design and ship products.

We’re looking for designers with a strong background in web and UI design. We don’t split out different roles in design; you’ll develop the product flow simultaneosly with the visual look and feel. To that end, you should be comfortable working in HTML and CSS, and ideally have worked on web apps before.

If you’d like to help shape online payments while getting a taste for working at a design-focused startup, you should look no further and apply for Bridge and check out some of the projects you could work on at Stripe.


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