Magical Experiences: Shyp Your Goodwill

As designers, most of us want to create products that are simply useful and effective. But we also want to create experiences that feel magical. We think Shyp’s latest partnership, Shyp + Goodwill, has done just that.

Shyp, an on-demand pick-up and ship-your-things service, turns a few taps on your phone into a choreless afternoon. So when Shyp teamed up with Goodwill to make it free and easy to donate stuff, we checked it out. Snap a photo, hit request, and in under 20 minutes a Shyp courier is at your door and carrying off the heavy bag of things you no longer have use or space or need for. They send you a text when the courier is en route, another when the pick up is completed, and a third when your items reach Goodwill and have been successfully donated. What was once an ever-growing eyesore of internet and band tees, finished books, and dust-collecting board games, is soon to become something wanted by someone else. Without leaving home, your clutter has been removed and is making its way to live its second life.

Herein lies the magic: There’s true joy in having your things find their way to their new and rightful owner. Something that has lost its specialness to you becomes special to someone else. And Shyp enables this joy, simply and painlessly.

Imagine the other scenario: You lug your stuff, drive or get a ride to the closest Goodwill, wait in line, fill out a donation sheet. These are the reasons we don’t donate as much as we’d like to. Chores like this one fall lower and lower on the to-do list.  We’ve all been witnessing the shifts towards an on-demand economy, as “uber-for-this” and “uber-for-that” find their way into new industries and services. In the case of Shyp + Goodwill, objects flow with less friction from one owner to another and are granted the opportunity for multiple lives they likely never would have had. That’s powerful. It’s sharing and upcycling instead of going out with Sunday’s trash.

August 7th wrapped up the few-months-long campaign in four cities that resulted in 215,000 pounds of Goodwill donations. It’s no surprise to us that this magical experience made for an even more magical impact.

We also asked Shyp’s Director of Design Kurt Varner a few questions on the subject:

Designer Fund: What did you donate through Shyp + Goodwill?

Kurt: A vacuum cleaner (gotta love those hardwood floors), computer chair (standing desk for the win), and of course a bunch of clothes to slim down my closet.

Designer Fund: What’s a tidbit you could share with us that you and the rest of the Shyp team learn from this partnership and project?

Kurt: The partnership proved to be a great initial touchpoint for first time customers. We helped them donate while providing a free glimpse of our shipping magic.

Designer Fund: Do you have a recycled object that you love? Where did you get it? Do you know who loved it first?

Kurt: I’ve got to be honest, I do more recycling of objects than I do collecting them. I tend to exemplify a minimalistic lifestyle. That said, I’ve grown quite attached to a funky sweater I picked up at a thrift shop (cue Macklemore). It looks as if it could share quite the story of its travels—I’d love to hear it, and wish I could.


“Magical Experiences: Shyp + Goodwill” is part of a series that explores magical products, experiences, moments and more. If you’re interested in learning more about Shyp, check out our Bridge program, applications close Oct 20th. 


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