Health Design Challenge – Winners Showcase

Two months ago we embarked on a design challenge to redesign the electronic medical record with the US Department of Health and Human Services. This was a great opportunity to help doctors and patients better manage their health and it clearly resonated with the design community. In only a few weeks, over 230 designers submitted their solutions from all over the US. We were blown away by how deep many went into the problem, probing and exploring new ways to approach our health information.

Today, after weeks of reviewing and rating the entries, we are happy to announce the winners for this challenge. From improved clarity on your medication needs to providing preventative guidance, the diversity of solutions is inspiring.

We urge you to check out the winners showcase.

The patient’s health status is represented as a single number derived from key body, emotional and lifestyle factors in this solution from HealthEd Innovation

However, our work does not end here. We want designers to not only focus on meaningful problems but have an impact when addressing those problems. So, over the next couple of months, a combination of the winning designs will be built and open-sourced so software companies and vendors can integrate the design into their own products. Additionally, we will implement this for the more than 6 million VA patients in the United States. Our ultimate hope is to inspire and facilitate a new level of design across the healthcare landscape.

If you took the time to take on this challenge, thank you. Your efforts will allow others to build on this movement and push healthcare in this country forward.


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