Women in Design: Voice and Risk

Enjoy the recap of this event: How to Trust Yourself: Insights from 6 Top Women Leaders in Design & Tech


We’re excited to announce our fifth Women in Design event on Tuesday, April 19th. Join us for candid roundtable conversations with creative leaders from Dropbox, Pinterest, Samasource, Brit + Co, and Facebook, as well as independent designer Jessica Hische. We’ll serve dinner at Medium’s beautiful San Francisco office and explore the theme of voice and risk, as we share tips and tricks for managing the inner and outer voices that influence creative expression in our careers.

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Creative leaders take risks and express themselves to create change in their industries and craft fulfilling careers. Yet in technology and design, female perspectives compete with internal and external voices that block leadership and participation in key conversations. Impostor syndrome and the inner critic discourage us from making mistakes and taking risks that can advance our careers, while influences from family, media, and workplace cultures interfere with our authentic voices and desires.

At this Women in Design event, design leaders Anisha Jain (Dropbox), Leila Janah (Samasource), Tiffani Jones Brown (Pinterest), Brit Morin (Brit + Co), Jessica Hische (Independent), and Julie Zhuo (Facebook) will share their stories and tips. Maria Molfino (Independent) and Heather Phillips (Designer Fund) will be moderating the event. We’ll explore how they distinguish between healthy and unhealthy inner voices, and how to relate to outer voices of expectations, praise, and criticism. We’ll also discuss how women can carve out space for their own perspectives in their work and art.

The evening event will take place at Medium’s San Francisco office on Tuesday, April 19th, and we will livestream the audio for out-of-town participants. Request your invitation by April 5th.



Enjoy the recap of this event: How to Trust Yourself: Insights from 6 Top Women Leaders in Design & Tech



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