Why We Chose Path

We’ve spent a long time ensuring our Bridge partners are places designers can thrive. Over the next few weeks, we want to share what makes these companies so special and why we chose them as Bridge partners.

As a four year old, Dave Morin got his first computer – a Mac Plus. Alongside Braun clocks and swiss army knives, it was a fitting gift from his design obsessed grandfather. From Hypercard to Print Shop, he spent the better part of his childhood building and learning on that first Mac.

As Dave tells it —

“I got so into HyperCard that the teacher, who was in charge of technology for the school district, asked me to help teach it to teachers in my school! So here I am, in fourth grade, teaching hypercard to teachers on the weekends. My parents loved it. It gave them great material for their friends.”

As a son of a graphic designer, Dustin Mierau can’t remember not obsessing over how things look. As an early Mac user in his own right, Dustin wasn’t satisfied with the available software. So, as any elementary school kid would, he decided to write his own –

“I tried to make my own version of Photoshop. I could draw on screen, create new canvases, but even though Photoshop was a lot simpler back then, it turned into this massive project. It was buggy. I didn’t understand memory management. I looked at Adobe’s software and was thinking how do I make it even better. That’s the first time I thought about product design.”

As luck would have it, Dustin and Dave would later come together to build Path. When you enter the lobby, you realize their passion for design has permiated everything. From the space, to the culture, to the products they build – this is a company using and obsessing over design in all its forms. Added to that is a world changing mission of connecting people to those they love most and its clear that having them as a Bridge partner is a no brainer.

This is why we chose Path.

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