Bridge Fellows meet weekly during their program to learn about design leadership, discuss design trends, and explore one area of focus: Product Design, Communications Design, or Design Management.

Meet design leaders for insight into their creative process

Learn how influential designers work so you can hone your craft and get insight into the latest methods and tools. You’ll be invited to events like Women in Design and hear inspirational talks from leading creatives. Past speakers include Dan Ariely, who talked about designers as social scientists, and Renda Morton, Executive Design Director at the NYTimes. Our events are small, curated, and off the record so you can find out what really happens behind the scenes.

Learn from peer designers at intimate dinners and workshops

Every Tuesday evening during your Bridge program, you’ll meet with designers in your program for a family-style dinner and design discussion, talk, or feedback session. This is an opportunity to share stories, ask questions, and reflect on challenges in a tight-knit, supportive space. You’ll also meet special guests like speakers and selected designers from our community.

Get a new perspective on your work

Great design isn’t created in a vacuum, and designers often limit their work with input from only coworkers. You’ll have the opportunity to get feedback from Fellows in your program and understand how designers approach challenges at some of the best companies in Silicon Valley. In turn, you’ll be able to give back and share skills with your fellow designers.

Meet one-on-one with members of our Bridge Guild

Our Bridge Guild includes alumni, speakers, and leading designers who are available to meet with you as trusted resources to help you advance your career. Based on your preferences and experiences, we’ll match you with a Guild member for a one-on-one to discuss your goals and challenges in a private setting.

Build relationships and get inspired during weekend outings

You’ll participate in an experiential weekend event, such as an outdoors trip, community service, or personal development activity, to connect with others outside of work and away from laptops.

Who is Eligible

Bridge is for experienced designers who are interested in or currently working full-time at top startups in the Bay Area. Designers with over 5 years of experience may apply. Most Bridge partner companies actively hire Bridge applicants as full-time designers, nominate them as Bridge Fellows, and sponsor their participation if accepted.

Looking for a new role? Apply through Bridge.

Many Bridge Fellows enter a program by accepting a new full-time design role at one of our partner companies. If you’re looking for a position, your Bridge application can act as a common application that becomes visible to 30+ hiring companies.

We will connect you with all companies that invite you to participate in their interview process, advocate for you, help review your portfolio, and generally advise you as you search for a great fit. These positions are for long-term employment with top market salary, equity, and benefits. If you choose to accept an offer from a company, they may nominate you for Bridge and sponsor your participation in a program of your choice.

See who’s hiring. 

Happy with your current role?

Great! You can still join the Bridge community and participate in a professional development program. Fill out a Bridge application to be a Fellow, and if you don’t indicate that you’re looking for a new role, we won’t share your information with hiring partners. Your current employer needs to sponsor your participation, so if your company isn’t already a Bridge partner, contact us at [email protected].

Upcoming Programs

Product Design

Share the latest processes for designing successful apps and digital products.

Jan 23 - Mar 1, 2017

Communication Design

Exchange best practices for creating leading brands, visual systems, and content.

Jan 23 - Jun 5, 2017

Design Management

Focus on the best ways to manage your creative process and team as a design leader.

Jan 23 - Sep 5, 2017

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