Join us for Photography + Product Design

We’re hosting our first “Photography + Product Design” event on Tuesday, September 29 in collaboration with Storehouse. Join us as we take an inside look at some of the challenges around incorporating photography into your UI. We’ll share a family style dinner, share tips for using photography appropriately, and have a candid Q&A with designers from Storehouse, Flipboard, Priime, Airbnb, and Instagram.

Photo Event Speakers

Photography at its deepest is a medium for storytelling. We are attuned to visual imagery, processing it quickly and deeply. Designers are increasingly adding great photography for branding and storytelling, and when done well, it sends a powerful message. Most of the internet can be broken down into text and images, and yet in the design industry we haven’t spoken much about the difference between good and bad photographic curation and placement. Images take up a huge amount of space; make sure to use that space well by telling great stories.

Join us for this event with designers from Storehouse, Flipboard, Priime, Airbnb, and Instagram on Tuesday, September 29th. Request an invite by Monday, September 14 here.

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