Marijke Rijsberman

Product Designer, Coursera

Marijke is a design researcher with a passion for understanding what makes people do what they do and feel what they feel and then figuring out what to do with that knowledge. At Coursera, she spends most of her time getting her mind around fundamental product experience questions. How do learners respond to the course offerings? How do familiar frameworks—educational and otherwise–help or hamper them in their journey to learn, grow, and realize new possibilities in their lives? What can make the new world of edtech more inviting, powerful, and transformative to all? In her spare time, Marijke leads a research collective that examines the cultural frameworks around financial decision-making by people who are struggling to make ends meet. And in all of her work, she is continually struck by how charming and helpful human beings are. All you have to do is ask a question and listen to the answer.

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