Develop lasting relationships with designers at top companies

As a Bridge Fellow, you become part of a supportive community of influential designers who are available for collaboration and one-on-one discussions about your career and craft.

Bridge Alumni

Bridge Alumni help each other succeed personally and professionally and stay involved in the program long after it has officially ended. Today, Bridge has nearly 100 alumni that hail from 13+ cities in 5+ countries. They are a mix of product designers, communications designers, design managers, UX researchers, and UI engineers, and about 60% of them have a design related degree.

Formerly at Flipboard Raphael Schaad MIT Media Lab
Formerly at Flipboard
Formerly at Tellme Networks, Microsoft Anne Kenny Experience Designer at Airbnb
Formerly at Tellme Networks, Microsoft
Formerly at Square, Apple Andrew Chin Product Designer at Dropbox
Formerly at Square, Apple
Formerly at, TaskRabbit, WordPress Chelsea Otakan Design Director at Vouch
Formerly at, TaskRabbit, WordPress
Formerly at VMware, Socialcast Daniel Waldron Designer at Omada Health
Formerly at VMware, Socialcast
Formerly at Squarespace, LinkedIn Diogenes Brito Product Designer at Slack
Formerly at Squarespace, LinkedIn
Formerly at Design Theorem, WCG, Elixir Design Karen Jaimes Designer at Medium
Formerly at Design Theorem, WCG, Elixir Design
Formerly at ZOZI, Tractorbeam Jason Perez Senior Product Designer at One Kings Lane
Formerly at ZOZI, Tractorbeam

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Bridge Guild

Bridge Guild is a group of veteran designers including select alumni and speakers who are looking to give back to our community and help support the Bridge program. You’ll meet with Guild members one on one throughout Bridge for advice and advanced career guidance.

Formerly at Pinterest, Apple Bob Baxley Design Executive
Formerly at Pinterest, Apple
Formerly at Greenstart Katie Dill Head of Experience Design at Airbnb
Formerly at Greenstart
Formerly at Facebook Tim Belonax Senior Brand Designer at Pinterest
Formerly at Facebook
Formerly at GoPro Vanessa Cho UX Director at Google
Formerly at GoPro

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Bridge Speakers

Bridge speakers have covered topics from design leadership to prototyping to ethics. They’re passionate about sharing current best practices and the lessons they’ve learned with Bridge Fellows.

What We Learned from Building Rdio

Wilson Miner, former Head of Design at Rdio

Malthe Sigurdsson, former SVP of Product at Rdio

Design for Government

Ryan Panchadsaram, former U.S. CTO at White House

Mollie Ruskin, Erica Deahl, Emily Wright

Meet a few of our Bridge Alumni

The community around Bridge is amazing. Whether it's the designers you go through Bridge with or the larger community of alumni, mentors and founders, there's a support network that would benefit any designer.

Bridge immerses you in the most inspiring, supportive, creative community I've known.

I'm certain I would not be in the position I am today without the other Bridge designers I've met along the way.