Building a New Startup Path for Designers

After graduating from UCLA’s design school, consulting as a designer, and building products like Magento eCommerce, I joined Facebook as a product designer. Most people would refer to this as a job, but for me it was a PhD in design.

Building and designing products for millions of people, creating a unique culture, scaling an organization, and collaborating with some of the best engineers in the world are just some of the skills I learned at Facebook. When I talk to many of my former teammates at Facebook and designers from other top startups, they have a similar takeaway. Startups are not only great opportunities to make an impact on the world, they are also amazing learning environments.

I believe if more great designers joined top startups, they would learn what it takes to run successful companies and ship great products. Today, I want more designers to experience what happened to me after that call six years ago from Facebook when they were still a small startup: a life changing opportunity to grow as a designer.

Introducing Bridge

Together with Path, Airbnb, Dropbox, Pinterest, Asana, Omada Health, Stripe, and Mindsnacks we’re excited to announce Bridge: a designer in residence program that connects experienced designers with top startups in San Francisco for three months.

During their residency, designers will work on products ranging from diabetes prevention to international travel experiences. One day a week, designers from Bridge will come together to learn from each other and inspirational guest speakers. After Bridge, designers can choose to keep working with their startup long-term and design products that reach millions of people worldwide.

Learn more at and apply before March 10th for our spring session this year.

Why we care

The mission of the Designer Fund is to invest in designers creating businesses with positive social impact. One way to do this is by helping designers create new businesses. Another way is to help designers succeed through existing startups. Bridge furthers our mission by helping both designer founders and companies that truly value design build their design teams. We believe more designers can join startups to do meaningful work, develop their careers, and change how people behave in positive ways.

How you can help

If you’re passionate about the future of design, entrepreneurship, and applied design education, you can help us by:

  1. Introducing us to designers who might be a fit for Bridge
  2. Telling the best designers you know about Bridge
  3. Letting us know about opportunities to get the word out e.g. upcoming design events, design blogs, etc.
  4. Endowing us. Thanks to our partner startups, designers are paid to learn by doing, instead of paying expensive tuitions and loans 😉

Feel free to share feedback by sending us a message: bridge (at) designerfund (dot) com. Together, we can create a unique path for designers to succeed through startups.

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