Announcing the Bridge Product & Communication Design Program

This year, we’ve expanded Bridge to serve more designers across three programs and help shape design culture at top companies in Silicon Valley. Our first program is completely full and we’re excited to announce that applications for our second program, Product & Communication Design, are now open. Our goal is to help designers advance in their careers as leaders and build lifelong relationships through our community. Apply by May 23rd to join this program. 

The Product and Communication Design Program will focus on best practices for creating exceptional products and brands and the unique challenges product and communication designers face. With so many products in the market, it’s becoming more important than ever for companies to differentiate themselves by building brand loyalty. In this program, we’ll welcome leaders from some of the best designs teams in our industry to speak with Bridge Fellows about creating compelling brands that extend throughout the entire user experience.

In previous Bridge Programs, we’ve seen that a strong connection between product and communication design leads to a cohesive experience that helps attract and retain more customers. In this program, we’ll dive deeper into how both product and brand, together, can communicate compelling stories that resonate with people emotionally.

Past Bridge Speakers & Topics

  • Jonathan Lee spoke about the multi-year origin story of Material Design and how they scaled it across Google.
  • Ben Barry shared how impactful the Facebook Analog Lab has become in shaping culture.
  • Rich Lyons revealed the creative process behind Airbnb’s brand redesign.
  • Skip Bronkie broke down the different approaches to making effective branded videos at Pinterest.
  • Ken Wong showed how Apple award winning Monument Valley was made.


For Bridge 2017, we’ve partnered with mission-driven organizations across a range of industries and stages. We have three more partners joining us for the Product & Communication Design Program:  AltSchool, HealthTap, and a new partnership with the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. Each company is working on the most important missions of our time in education, health, and science. Through Bridge, we connect designers with unique opportunities to solve meaningful problems with our partners.

Check out examples of product & communication design from our partners:

Becoming a Bridge Fellow

Applications for the Product & Communication Design Bridge Program are open now until May 23rd.

Bridge is for both experienced designers looking for new job opportunities and designers who want to grow as leaders at their current role.

Many designers participate in Bridge by interviewing and accepting a new full-time role at one of our partner companies. If you’re looking for a new role, we facilitate the process with one simple, common application that’s visible to all our hiring partners.

If you want to stay at your current company, you can still apply and let us know you’re only interested in professional development.

All you need to get started is your LinkedIn profile and a link to some of your work.

We encourage you to apply here before our application deadline on May 23rd to join this program. Learn more about how to become a Bridge Fellow here and in the FAQ.



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