Announcing the Bridge Design Management Program

Earlier this year, we announced the growth of Bridge, our professional development program for experienced designers. In June, we wrapped up our Product Design program with 26 exceptional designers and earlier this week we kicked off our Product & Communication Design program with another 26 fellows. Today, we’re excited to officially open up applications for our Design Management program, our third program of 2017.


At Designer Fund, we believe that designers have the opportunity to be leaders at every stage of their career, regardless of role. Effective design leadership does not require a special title or team of direct reports. But we also realize that some designers will eventually find themselves in a direct management role responsible for guiding people, not just products. Especially in startups, we often see designers thrust into these new roles with little preparation or guidance. More experienced managers, on the other hand, often find themselves without any ongoing coaching or support at their company. We’ve created our Design Management program to help designers hone the skills and mindsets required to manage exceptional design teams.

We also believe that some of the most impactful learning comes from strong professional relationships built over time. As a part of our Design Management program, you will share best practices with peers who are facing similar challenges. Our goal is to help designers advance in their careers as leaders and build lifelong relationships through our community.

The Program

Design Management Bridge Fellows will gather weekly from Oct 24th – Nov 14th for family-style dinners, workshops, and inspiring talks from leading creatives.

Throughout the program, you and your peers will learn the best practices in:

  • Team Design: designing, developing and building creative teams
  • Process Design: leading and facilitating the collaborative process
  • Management: feedback, facilitation, and interpersonal dynamics
  • Organizational Impact: vision, alignment, and organizational dynamics

Some example management talks from past programs:

Becoming a Bridge Design Management Fellow

This program is for both new and experienced design managers. The program is available to both designers looking for new job opportunities and designers who want to grow as managers within their current companies. Designers can participate in Bridge by accepting a new role at one of our partner companies or their current company can sponsor them.

We encourage you to apply here before our application deadline on September 1st, 2017.



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