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We’re excited to announce the 5th session of Bridge, our professional development program for experienced designers. We’re pleased to welcome our new Bridge partners including Earnest, Eventbrite, Figma, Inkling, Intercom, Lookout, Medium, Omada, Segment, Shyp, Strava, Stripe, and ZenPayroll. They’ll be joining our returning partners: AltSchool, Asana,, Coursera, Dropbox, Fitbit, Flipboard, Khan Academy, Omada, and Wealthfront. As designers ourselves, we’ve vetted each of our partner companies to be sure they have a great mission, product, and culture that values design.


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Our partners are innovating in spaces like education, finance, publishing, health, productivity and creative expression. Bridge designers get the opportunity to have an ownership stake in these successful companies and help lead the design of products that impact millions of people. By applying and accepting an offer through Bridge, you are welcomed into our community and participate fully in all of our talks, workshops, and events. You’ll be exposed to best practices and behind the scenes looks into how designers work at leading companies.

At Designer Fund we believe the world needs better designed products and services, especially in markets that have been traditionally underserved from a user experience perspective. Helping connect you with great startups is just the first step. What matters to us, is what you build once you join a startup. Helping designers build businesses with meaningful impact continues to motivate us to produce Bridge. We hope you join us on this mission too.


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Develop lasting relationships with designers at top companies

As a Bridge designer, you’ll be a part an amazing design community, including some of the most influential designers in the world. We help you develop relationships that last far beyond the end of Bridge as you connect with your fellow Bridge designers, Bridge alumni, and designers from our partner companies. You’ll also get one on one time with Bridge speakers and members of our Bridge Guild, a group of veteran designers and Bridge alumni looking to give back to our community.


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Our community includes 53 Bridge alumni, over 90 speakers, and more than 100 Bridge partner designers at top companies. All of our Bridge alumni, including the 22 Bridge 4 designers, are committed to helping each other succeed personally and professionally. On average, Bridge designers have 5 years professional experience and over 60% of them attended school for art or design. The majority of Bridge alums are product designers, along with communication designers, UX researchers, and UI engineers.


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Gain insights into the creative process of design leaders

Every Tuesday evening during Bridge we gather for a unique workshop, family style dinner, and fireside chat. Our events are small, curated, and off the record so you can get insight into what it takes to be a top designer in silicon valley. Workshops explore designers’ creative process including the latest methods and tools. During our inspirational fireside chats, leading creatives talk about challenges they’ve faced and even stories of failure, as they share the ins and outs of how they built some of the biggest products and companies in tech. For instance, Ev Williams spoke about learning from Twitter to make Medium and Kate Aronowitz discussed how to get the design career you want.


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We also host peer feedback sessions so that you can get a fresh perspective on your work. Peer feedback sessions are a way for you to give and receive multiple rounds of constructive advice quickly. This is also an opportunity to understand how designers approach problems at some of the best companies in Silicon Valley. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to meet one on one with members of our Bridge Guild. These veteran designers have often experienced some of the same challenges you’re going through and can be a trusted resource to help you advance in your career.




One Simple Application

We simplify the process with just one application and by vetting our partners to make sure they’re a great place for designers. We review each application individually and help make introductions to partners. If there’s a potential fit, you’ll get notified by email and we’ll be available throughout the process to advise you. If you accept an offer from one of our partners, you’ll be invited to join Bridge.

Most Bridge designers work full time and accept long term employment offers with top market salary, equity, and benefits. If you’re not in the Bay Area yet, we’ll see that you get help relocating whether it’s across the country or internationally. 


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Apply early to Bridge by September 27 or before applications close on October 20. For more information about Bridge visit our website.


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