Bridge is a professional development program for experienced designers hosted by Designer Fund

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Join one of our vetted partner companies in the San Francisco Bay Area

We partner with startups that have a great mission, product, and culture that values design. We simplify the process with just one application to be visible to over 20 top startups. Choose which company and full time offer work best for you. We’ll help advise you through the process and ensure you have a smooth transition.

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Having Designer Fund open doors to vetted, design-focused companies around San Francisco has allowed me to actually do work I am passionate about.

Attend intimate workshops and talks with leading designers

After you join one of our partner companies, you’ll be invited to become part of Bridge along with a select group of designers from each of our partner companies. During Bridge, we gather on Tuesday evenings at the Designer Fund studio to share best practices ranging from design leadership to product design to future design trends. 

Hack Your Culture with DIY Screen Printing

Ben Barry, Former Communication Designer at Facebook

What Questions do Airbnb Design Researchers Ask?

Sasha Lubomirsky, Head of Design Research at Medium

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If you feel like you're only experiencing one way to design, one way to work with a team, one way to solve problems, Bridge will blow that up.

Build lasting relationships with designers in our community

As a Bridge designer, you’ll be a part of the best design community, including some of the most influential designers in the world. We help you develop relationships that last far beyond the end of Bridge and our network grows stronger with each new session.

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Being surrounded by incredibly talented designers and peers who were not only talking the talk but doing game-changing work inspired me to get my butt in my seat and keep trying.

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