Causes empowers anyone to create the change they want to see in the world through online organizing.

Causes is the place to discover, support and organize campaigns around the issues that impact you and your community. Build your identity through the causes you care about, then connect with other passionate friends, leaders and communities so you can work together to get things done. The Causes design team is tackling the toughest problem in social software: how can we use technology to give an individual or group the power to make lasting change in the world?

What you could work on

Empowering Organizations

Causes believes that the most effective way to change the world is to combine organizations that have a proven track record of results and organizational expertise with the grassroots energy needed to fuel that change. As a part of the Causes team, you will design for our Insights team, participate in research projects with nonprofit and advocacy leaders, and help great organizations achieve their missions in concert with Causes members.

Civic Identity

The concept of an online civic identity is a new one, and Causes is working on ways to allow people to express themselves in this context. It  fosters dialogue and ultimately builds stronger communities and a better world. From political beliefs, to causes people volunteer for, to influencing action in city governments, you can help people express it on Causes.

Campaigns & Actions

The heart of collective action-taking on Causes is the campaign. The campaign is where people come together and work to make a change. Causes is exploring ways to make campaigns more impactful and influential, and apply more pressure to decision-makers both in government and in the corporate world.

Communities & Groups

A major pillar of organizing happens before campaigning, and that’s building a community of like-minded people that can share information and discuss what action to take. Humans have been forming communities since the dawn of history, and this is the new way of expanding the power of those groups. Causes is looking at creating ways for existing communities to grow, work together, hold each other accountable and for new communities to form.

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